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What's unusual about this photo?

The unusual aspect of this photo is that the water is running from the tap but is not draining away, suggesting that the sink is clogged. The water is accumulating in the basin rather than draining out, which is indicative of a blockage in the sink's drain.

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Based on GPT4, understand images, comprehend you.

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How to use Chatgpt 4o

  • For Free Users

    1. Visit the website 2. Register for a free account (if you don't have one already) 3. After logging in, you'll see your available free quota 4. Enter your question or prompt, and GPT-4o will respond 5. Once you've used up the free daily quota, you'll need to wait until the next day to continue It's worth noting that using GPT-4o on is completely free, with no feature limitations. You can use it for any purpose, such as writing, Q&A, coding, etc. However, due to the limited free quota, it's recommended to use it judiciously.

  • Paid Subscribers

    1. Open the ChatGPT website or mobile app (iOS/Android) 2. You should see options to select between models like GPT-4o, GPT-4, and GPT-3.5 3. Select GPT-4o to start using the latest and most advanced AI model As of now, free users cannot access GPT-4o through any other official channels besides If OpenAI introduces new avenues for free access, I'll update you promptly. For free users, the key highlight is the website, which provides a free daily quota to use the powerful GPT-4o model at no cost, albeit with some limitations on usage. Paid subscribers get prioritized access through official OpenAI channels.

Chatgpt 4o app and download

ChatGPT 4o app availability categorized by desktop, iPhone, and Android:

  • Desktop

    1. The ChatGPT 4o desktop app is currently only available for certain Apple computers like Macs. 2. There is no desktop app release yet for Windows machines. 3. The Windows desktop version is expected to launch around November 2024, though an official date has not been announced. 4. Some speculate OpenAI may be prioritizing ARM-based chip compatibility before a Windows release.

  • iPhone

    1. The official ChatGPT 4o app is available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhone users. 2. It offers features like voice input, creative assistance, learning help, professional input, and instant answers. 3. The app syncs history across devices for seamless experience. 4. Users can leverage the latest AI model improvements from OpenAI through the iPhone app.

  • Android

    1. ChatGPT 4o is also available as an app on the Google Play Store for Android devices. 2. The Android app provides the same core functionality as the iPhone version. 3. This includes voice mode, tailored advice, learning opportunities and quick answer capabilities. 4. Like the iPhone app, the Android version gives access to OpenAI's newest AI model upgrades.

Chatgpt 4o vs GPT4

key differences between ChatGPT 4o (GPT-4o) and GPT-4:

  • Performance and Speed

    - ChatGPT 4o (GPT-4o) is described as being faster and more responsive compared to the previous GPT-4 model. - The increased speed of GPT-4o likely comes at some trade-off in terms of capabilities or accuracy.

  • Understanding Multimedia

    - One of the major enhancements with GPT-4o is its ability to natively understand audio and video files. - Previous models like GPT-4 could only handle text inputs.

  • Capabilities and Reasoning

    - Some users have reported that while GPT-4o seems more "human-like", GPT-4 appears to be more capable when it comes to tasks requiring logic, reasoning and following instructions precisely. - GPT-4 is described as better for complex tasks, while GPT-4o may be more prone to hallucinations or inventing outputs.

  • Tradeoffs

    - The speed and multimedia understanding of GPT-4o seems to have been achieved by making some tradeoffs in areas like logical reasoning and accuracy compared to GPT-4. - However, opinions are divided on which model is definitively "better" overall.

  • Intended Use Cases

    - GPT-4 is positioned as the more advanced model recommended for complex, logical tasks that require high accuracy. - GPT-4o is geared more towards conversational, multimedia-related use cases where speed and human-likeness are prioritized over perfect reasoning.

How to use Chatgpt 4o

To utilize GPT4V, a paid subscription to ChatGPT-Plus is required, offering access to advanced features including image input capability. Subscribers can upload images via the website or smartphone app, enabling the AI to analyze and provide insights or generate content based on visual cues. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses and marketers, enhancing their content marketing strategies with AI-driven insights. Notably, GPT4V is being rolled out in phases, so access may vary. For those interested in experiencing GPT4V without commitment, offers a free trial. This platform allows users to explore GPT4V's capabilities, providing a glimpse into the future of AI-powered content creation and analysis, making it a valuable resource for anyone keen on leveraging AI in their digital strategies.

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How dose GPT 4V work

  • GPT 4V, a variant of the ChatGPT model developed by OpenAI, works by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It uses a large-scale language model trained on diverse internet text. This training enables GPT 4V to understand and generate human-like text, respond to queries, and even interpret and respond to visual inputs, a feature distinguishing it from earlier models.

  • When a user inputs text or an image, GPT 4V processes this input using its neural network. For text inputs, it predicts the most likely continuation based on its training. For image inputs, it analyzes the visual data, identifies elements within the image, and then generates text that is relevant to the visual content.

  • This capability makes GPT 4V versatile in applications such as content creation, data analysis, and providing insights based on a combination of textual and visual information. The model's responses are informed by the vast amount of information it has been trained on, allowing it to provide accurate, context-aware, and often insightful answers and content.

ChatGPT Vision: Revolutionizing Handwriting Recognition

ChatGPT Vision, the latest advancement in AI technology, is transforming the way we understand and interact with handwritten text. This innovative system combines the power of ChatGPT's language processing with advanced vision capabilities to accurately decipher and transcribe handwritten notes, letters, and documents. Whether it's old manuscripts or quick handwritten memos, ChatGPT Vision's handwriting recognition feature seamlessly converts them into digital text, making it an indispensable tool for researchers, archivists, and anyone dealing with handwritten content. Its intuitive interface and high accuracy rate not only save time but also bridge the gap between traditional writing and the digital world, ensuring no valuable information is lost in translation.

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  • GPT with Vision Supports Image Recognition

    GPT with Vision utilizes advanced AI technology to automatically analyze the contents of images and identify objects, text, people, and other elements to understand the meaning of the image. Users only need to upload a photo and GPT with Vision can quickly output descriptions of the image content, enabling image-to-text conversion. This provides powerful image recognition capabilities for users.

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  • GPT with Vision Has Strong OCR Capabilities

    OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. GPT with Vision has industry-leading OCR technology that can accurately recognize text in images, including handwritten text. Whether it's printed text or hard-to-discern handwriting, GPT with Vision can convert it into electronic text with high precision. This is tremendously beneficial for scenarios like recognizing logistic tracking numbers and business card information.

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  • GPT with Vision Can Parse Complex Charts and Graphs

    OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. GPT with Vision has industry-leading OCR technology that can accurately recognize text in images, including handwritten text. Whether it's printed text or hard-to-discern handwriting, GPT with Vision can convert it into electronic text with high precision. This is tremendously beneficial for scenarios like recognizing logistic tracking numbers and business card information.

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  • GPT-4V Supports Cross-Language Recognition

    GPT-4V supports multi-language recognition, including major global languages like Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. Users can upload images in different languages and GPT-4V can accurately recognize the image contents and convert them into corresponding text descriptions. This breaks down language barriers and allows global users to enjoy GPT-4V's image recognition services.

  • GPT-4V Has Extensive Application Scenarios

    The image recognition capabilities of GPT-4V can be widely applied to ecommerce, document digitization, accessibility services, language learning, and many other fields. Users can leverage GPT-4V to assist in handling image-heavy tasks in their work, greatly improving work efficiency. Both individual and enterprise users can benefit from the image intelligence of GPT-4V.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of images can GPT-4V analyze?

    GPT-4V can analyze all kinds of images including photos, drawings, diagrams, charts, and more. As long as the image is clear enough, GPT-4V should be able to interpret and describe the contents.

  • Does GPT-4V work for handwritten documents?

    Yes, one of the key features of GPT-4V is its advanced OCR technology that can recognize both printed and handwritten text with high accuracy. This allows GPT-4V to read handwritten letters, notes, and more.

  • Can GPT-4V recognize text in multiple languages?

    GPT-4V supports multi-language recognition for most major global languages. You can upload images containing text in languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. and GPT-4V will attempt to recognize the contents.

  • How accurate is GPT-4V at image recognition?

    The accuracy of GPT-4V varies based on the image type and quality. For simpler images like products or logos, it is generally highly accurate. More complex images like detailed charts may have more inconsistencies. Accuracy is rapidly improving with more training.

  • Does GPT-4V have any usage limits?

    For ChatGPT users, GPT-4V has the same usage limits as the chatbot. Free users have a limited amount of prompts per month, while paid plans have higher limits or no limits. There are also content filters to prevent harmful use cases.